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One way in which you can send out your survey invites is through email addresses or a CSV spreadsheet.

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Our manual data collection allows you to manually send out survey invitations by copy & pasting respondent information or uploading a CSV spreadsheet.

If you haven't read our guide on how to collect responses, we highly recommend you do before collecting responses. The article explains the different collection methods available on the Players 1st platform.

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Navigating to manual data collections

  1. Navigate to "Surveys" via the navigation icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard

  2. Select "Manage survey" in your survey overview

  3. Select the option "Invite people to take your survey" by clicking the "Send out invites" button

  4. After clicking the "Send out invites" button you will be redirected to the data collection page.

Creating a manual data collection

To create a new data collection click on "Create new data collection" button. This will open our step to step guide on how to create a data collection


Give your data collection a name to be able to easily identify the data collection in the future.

Data collection period

To create a data collection we need to have a start and an end time. The start time is when we start sending out invitations for the survey and the end time is when we stop collecting responses. We recommend creating a 14 day collection period.

Reminder dates

You can add multiple reminders to the data collection. On the reminder date, we will send out a reminder email to all respondents who have not answered the survey yet. We recommend creating one reminder in the middle of a collection period.

Manage recipients

There are two ways to add respondents to your data collection. You can copy-paste respondents into the field or upload a CSV file. We have a full article explaining how to import by copy-pasting or with a CSV file that you can read here.

Exclude respondents

Beneath the import section on the manage recipients page, you can decide to exclude respondents who have received a Players 1st survey invite within the last x number of days. On the start date of your data collection, we will apply the filter you have selected. The filter will look x days back in time and filter out any respondents we have sent out to in that timespan.

In the illustration above the data collection from the 15th of July has chosen to exclude 7 days back. This means that when sending out the 15th of July, we will filter out Laura, and she will not receive an invitation due to her receiving one on the 10th of July.


The summary page is a summary of what you're about to send out. You can also enter your email in the test email section and send yourself an email to test the respondent experience.

Clicking the green "Schedule data collection" will schedule the data collection and when your start date has been reached, we will start sending out invitations.

Add recipients to an existing data collection

You can add new recipients to an existing data collection. Adding recipients will instantly send them an invitation email to the survey and when a potential reminder date is reached, they will also receive those. To add new recipients to an existing data collection select actions by clicking on ". . ." icon on the right side of the data collection table and then select add or remove recipients. Removing can only be done on data collections that have yet started.

Canceling a scheduled data collection

If you've made mistakes in your data collection you can choose to cancel it, this is only possible if the data collection has not started sending out yet. This will completely remove the data collection and you will, unfortunately, have to start from scratch again. To cancel an existing data collection select actions by clicking on ". . ." icon on the right side of the data collection table and then select cancel.

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