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How do I collect responses?
How do I collect responses?

There are three ways for you to collect responses

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Collecting responses for the first time is a big milestone and can in some ways be scary. We've made this article to make sure you can tick off all of the boxes and feel comfortable collecting your first responses.

Test your survey

Sending out your first surveys is a big milestone, therefore we suggest that you first test the survey and invitation letter by sending yourself a test invitation.

You can test the survey and invitation in multiple places, therefore we have created a small article that walks through the different test options you have.

Pre-survey communication

We see increased response rates at the clubs that communicate the proposed launch of the survey to their members via a natural club communication channel a few days prior to launch. This can be via direct email, social media or within a club newsletter, to help generate awareness and engagement with the survey and to increase response rates when launched.

You can get inspiration on how a pre-survey communication message could look like here:

Choosing a collection method

Within the Players 1st platform, there are three collection methods. Each collection method has different use cases and pros and cons. I will briefly explain the different methods below, feel free to use the links provided to get a better walkthrough of each method.

Method 1: Manual Data Collection

Setting up a manual data collection is done through our simple 5-step manual data collection flow. During this step-by-step guide, you will set a start date for the survey, specify the date(s) for sending out reminders, and an end date to conclude the survey collection period.

There are 2 methods to upload a list of recipient emails addresses in order to launch the survey email invitation to:

  1. Copy-paste your recipients' email addresses and names straight into the Data Collection field

  2. Upload a CSV spreadsheet from your computer containing your recipients' email addresses and names


  • Once set up, all send-outs and reminders will be automatically be managed by our system

  • Response rates can be calculated from the moment invitations are sent out


  • If you prefer to use your existing member system or email provider to send out through using your club email, this solution does not provide that option.

You can find our guide on how to send out with our manual data collection here:

Method 2: Shareable link

This option allows you to distribute your survey and collect responses via a generic survey URL. When the link is opened in a browser, the browser creates a unique link for the respondent, allowing them to answer the survey.


  • Allows you to simply add a generic link to existing communication material or channels.

  • Can simply be shared as a link to anyone requesting it


  • It is not possible to calculate a response rate since no invitations are sent out

  • It is not possible to set a start or end date, or add any reminders, as we do not have any information about the person opening the link.

You can find our guide on how to collect responses with a shareable link here:

Method 3: Automated data collecting

On some of our surveys, we are able to provide the service of automatically sending out surveys through integrations with tee sheet providers and national members databases. This is mostly for our guest surveys and in some cases for nationwide member participation rounds. If you don't have an automated data collection option on your survey we highly recommend using manual data collection.


  • Automate the send-out process by simply opting into national wide member survey rounds.

  • Automate the send-out process for guest surveys by selecting which months you want us to send out surveys through your tee sheet provider.


  • Unfortunately, we are not able to provide automated data collections in all countries or surveys.

You can find our guide on how to send out with our automated data collection here:

After selecting one of the collection methods, simply follow the steps in the guides and start collecting your first responses.

If you're still in doubt about what options to choose, feel free to contact us by using the chat icon or by emailing

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