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How do I modify the email invitation letter?
How do I modify the email invitation letter?

Learn how to modify your email invitation letter to match your tone-of-voice and individual needs.

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Each club has its own invitation letter template. You can customize the majority of the email invitation letter to match your tone of voice, however, some are locked due to GDPR and spam laws.

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Navigating to your email invitation designer

  1. Open the menu by clicking the hamburger icon in the top-right corner

  2. Click "Surveys" in the survey settings section of the menu.

  3. Select "Manage survey" in your survey overview for the survey you want to edit

  4. Scroll down to 'Tweaking your survey design' and select "Edit invitation".

Multi-language invitation emails

If your survey has multiple languages available, you will be able to select what languages the invitation letter should include. We have an in-depth article about the settings for multi-language surveys that you can read here.

Edit your email invitation

To edit your email invitation click on the edit icon to the right. Here you can change the text of the email your respondents receive. We've locked some of the fields to ensure that the emails follow the legal guidelines of sending out emails.

The email invitation is divided into 5 sections:

  1. The top section is your subject line just as you know it from a normal email.

  2. The message section is your email body text, which you can edit.

  3. The third section is a support section that ensures that your respondents always know where to get support if they need it.

  4. The fourth section contains a link to different data protection laws.

  5. The last section is an unsubscribe section, in case the respondent does not want to receive emails like these in the future.

When finished editing the email invitation "Update" to save your changes. If you wish to reset the email invitation to the default settings click "Reset to default".

Note: The email invitation will be used for all your current and future data collections. We highly encourage clubs to keep text length to a minimum, to ensure that respondents easily understand the purpose of the email.

Merge fields

The text in your invitation letter contains various merge fields such as [Club Name]. These merge fields fetch information from other places, such as the club name you created in the questionnaire designer. Below is a short overview of the merge fields available:

  • [Club name] - Club name from the questionnaire designer.

  • [Respondent Name] - The names of the recipients.

  • [End Date] - The day the questionnaire ends.

Below is an example of what the respondents see compared to the invitation letter when using merge fields.

This is how it looks in the editor

This is what the respondent receives

As you can see we have merged in the name of the respondent you have given when creating a manual data collection or from an integration. The name of the club has been merged from the basic survey information in the questionnaire editor and we have added the date for the respondent to answer the survey.

Test your email invitation

At the bottom of the email invitation page, you have the option to send a test email to preview your invitation email.

To send a test email scroll down, enter the email address that you wish to send it to and click "Send". You will then receive the test email in your inbox, enabling you to
get the same experience as your survey recipients.

The link in the test email is what we call a preview link and you will be able to answer the survey without us collecting any of the data.

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