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How do I make changes to my questionnaire?
How do I make changes to my questionnaire?

Learn how to change your questionnaire's structure and the types of questions.

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The questionnaire editor allows you to toggle questions on/off and modify questions to fit your needs.

Note: To access the questionnaire editor, you need an active subscription to one of our survey products.

Navigating the questionnaire editor

  1. To access "Surveys" overview, simply click on the navigation icon located in the upper right corner of the dashboard

  2. Select "Manage survey" in your survey overview

  3. Scroll down and click "Edit questionnaire"

Summary section and testing

At the top of the page, you'll find a summary of your survey. Here, you can get an overview of the number of questions and the the estimated length of the survey. Furthermore, you can preview your survey or download a printable version by clicking either "preview survey" or "printable version".

Basic survey info and language settings

The "Basic Survey Info" section provides options for customizing your survey. You can input a club name, which will appear both within the survey itself and in the invitation email.

You have the flexibility to enable or disable multiple languages for the survey and invitation letter. For more detailed information on language settings, please refer to our article about language settings here.

Additionally, you can personalize your survey further by incorporating a club logo. Simply click on the designated image area to upload your logo. This logo will prominently feature on the survey's front page, where your respondents initially engage with the survey questions.

Edit your questionnaire

You have now set up your settings correctly for your club and are ready to modify the questionnaire. The best way to modify your questionnaire is to start from the beginning and look through each service area and each question. Start by scrolling down to the "Edit questionnaire template" section and read the instructions in the section below.

Structure of the survey (service areas)

At first, you will notice a lot of grey bars with titles in them, these are what we call service areas and they are groupings of questions.

These service areas are different for each survey, as the questions being asked vary depending on what the surveys are aimed towards solving. Some surveys will contain 4 service areas and others will contain 20.

I would recommend that you start with the first service area and move downwards until you've gone through each of them.


In this example walkthrough, I will start with the service area "The course" as it contains multiple types of questions that you will encounter. Clicking on "The course" in the above picture will expand the service area and show the questions in that service area.

Now that I have expanded the service area it will contain multiple questions.

In the picture, there are two different questions that I will explain below:

  1. "Have you played golf at our club within the last 12 months?"

This question has a locked icon on the right side of the screen and it means that the question is locked on the survey. You won't be able to toggle it off as it is deemed essential for the survey. You will encounter these types of questions throughout the survey.

2. Over the course of the Year, which of the following courses have you used the most?

This question has two icons on the right side, one is an edit button and the other allows you to toggle off/on the question.

Clicking the pencil icon will open a modal that will allow you to create options for the question. In this case, I would be able to add a new course as a selection option or remove one of the old options.

Clicking the icon for toggling on or off the question instantly removes the question from the survey. This means that a toggled-off question will not be shown to your respondent or shown up in the dashboard.

Questions as filters

There are some questions that we recommend that you pay extra attention to. These questions often require input from you to add the options your respondents can select.

You can easily identify these questions by the icon located on the left side, just beneath the question text.

Below are a few examples:

  • What membership category are you in? (you can add your membership types)

  • Over the course of the Year, which of the following courses have you used the most? (if you have multiple courses, add them here)

  • Which of the club's Golf Professionals have you used most? (add your pro's names, this is something that requires upkeep each year as your pros change)

  • Which of the restaurants have you used the most? (add options if you have multiple restaurants)

All of the above questions create filter options based on the options you add, to your result dashboard. This means that you will be able to split your results into membership types, courses, restaurants, and whatnot. If any of the questions are not relevant for you, simply toggle them off.

Any changes to the questionnaire are instantly saved and pushed up to any future respondents.

We recommend that you take the time and walkthrough each of the questions in your survey and modify them as you need.

Custom questions

  1. Click on "Add custom question" if you wish to include a club-specific question.

  2. Select the question type.

  3. Click "Next" to proceed.

  4. Fill out the content of your question.

If the custom question is a scale question, please note that the score of this question will also affect your service area's score.

Note: you cannot benchmark these against other clubs and any scale questions will count towards your service areas score

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