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Manage my subscriptions (sign-up and cancel auto-renew)
Manage my subscriptions (sign-up and cancel auto-renew)
Setup new subscriptions or manage existing ones.
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The Players 1st platform contains both paid and free products depending on the enterprise or union your club is a part of. Prices on these products vary greatly from enterprise or union as some enterprises or unions pay to reduce costs for the individual clubs.

You have your own personal product selection and in this article, we will show you where to locate it and how to subscribe to our products.

Note: Only users with our "owner" and "manager" role can upgrade or sign up for new products. Learn more about team member roles.

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How do I get there?

  1. Navigate to the menu in your top-right corner

  2. Click on "Account" in the settings section

  3. Scroll down and click on the "subscriptions" button

  4. You are now at our subscription overview where you can view what products are available to you and manage your billing information.

The subscription page

The subscription overview consists of two sections.

  • Subscriptions

  • Billing details

The Subscriptions section contains all of the available subscriptions for your club and enables you to activate and cancel auto-renew on each product.

The billing section allows you to input your billing details. We use these details to comply with laws regarding payments and we use them to fill out invoices. The billing details section will in the future include other payment methods than invoicing.

Subscribe and cancel auto-renew


To subscribe to a product click the "Start subscription button" on the product you want to create a subscription for. Some of the products will require you to input or verify your billing details so that we can comply with billing laws and bill you correctly.

Activating a product by subscribing to it will instantly give you access to the features associated with it and let you get started immediately.

A subscription auto-renews after the subscription period ends

Cancel auto-renew

To stop paying for a subscription and avoid the subscription auto-renewing, simply click the "Cancel auto-renew" text on the product and follow the flow.

When your current subscription period runs out, your subscription will end and you will not be billed for the product. You will still have access to the product until your current paid period runs out.

Note: Only users with our "owner" and "manager" role can upgrade or sign up for new products. Learn more about team member roles.

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