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Manage and create new clubs associated with your account
Manage and create new clubs associated with your account

Create new clubs and export information about your clubs account settings, subscription info and much more.

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This is a multiple account owner feature and will not be available for single account owners.

To further assist managers and owners of multiple club accounts we have created the club settings overview that allows you to easily create new club accounts in our system and filter and export useful information about the accounts and subscriptions.

Navigating to the club settings overview is done by:

  1. Click on our menu and select "Account" under the Settings section

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your Account page and click the "Club settings" button in our Multiple account owner settings section.

Creating new clubs (accounts)

By clicking in the top-right corner of the interface on our "Create new club" button you will be able to create a new Players 1st account for one of your clubs. If you are looking to link an existing Players 1st account to yours, contact us through the chat icon in the bottom-right corner and we will help you out.

Creating accounts through this interface will link the new club account to yours and allow you in-direct access to them. This means that you will be able to go to the account and help set up their questionnaire, view results, export results and lists, and much more.

You will need to have some basic club and club contact information to create an account for a new club.

Accessing Lists (tables) within the Club Settings Overview

The page allows you to view different overviews of the club accounts and information linked to the accounts. The tables contain every single club you are linked to and have access to indirectly.

There are four main overviews available for selection, and can be accessed by clicking the drop-down button in the top left of the Club Settings Overview page. The four main tables that you can access are:

  • Account profile settings

  • Subscription overview

  • Team settings

  • Billing info overview

Account profile settings

Provides basic registration information for each of the clubs you have indirect access to.

Subscription overview

Provides information for the products associated to each of your clubs. This includes a ‘Status’ column to show whether the product is currently active or inactive.

Team settings

Provides account user information linked to each of your clubs. If a club has five users, there will be 5 entries for that club with information about each user.

Billing info overview

Provides detailed billing information linked to each of your clubs. This list is especially useful for account owners of clubs that handle their subscription payments directly.

Exporting lists

You can export any of the four lists by simply clicking on the "Export to Excel" button in the top right corner of the list you are viewing.

If you have set any filters within the list view that you want to export, it is worth noting that the export will mirror the information that is currently filtered. To export all the list information, then ensure all filters have been reset.

Amend club information or user registration information

If you want to amend club information or registered users within one of the clubs you have indirect access to, then you should navigate to the club account using the ‘Select Account’ search function in the top right of the screen of your Players 1st account.

Use the Search bar to locate the club account you wish to login to. Then click the club name in the ‘Your search results’ below to access the club account.

You should now see the club name appear in the top right corner – this means you are now logged into the club account where you can access their account settings and registered users to make necessary changes.

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