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How do I change a team member's role?
How do I change a team member's role?

How to change the roles of and remove team members.

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To change a team member's role or to remove a team member from the Players 1st dashboard:

1. Navigate to "Account" via the navigation icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

2. Scroll down to 'Manage your account' and select 'Team Settings' by clicking the "Team settings" button.

3. Select actions by clicking on ". . ." for the specific member. Clicking here allows you to cancel and resend invites and change the role of the users.

4. Select the change you wish to make from the menu.

Note: managing teams is only available to admins, so if you can't find the "Account" section on your menu, you do not have the right permissions. Contact your club's main admin to request permission should you require it.

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