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How does team management work?
How does team management work?

Learn more about the different types of team member roles.

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Granting different types of access to team members can help you manage your dashboard more efficiently.

There are four types of team member roles:

  • Owner access gives users the ability to do everything on our platform and can't be deleted from the club.

  • Manager access gives the user the ability to do everything on our platform

  • Analyst access allows team members to analyze data on our dashboards, including our BI product. They are not able to see or manage your account and survey settings.

  • Survey manager access gives the ability to manage surveys and analyze data. They are not able to manage account-related settings.

In "Team settings" Owners & Managers have the opportunity to invite new team members, edit existing team members role or removing existing team members.

Note: managing teams is only available to admins & managers, so if you can't find the "Team" section in your account settings or "Account" on your menu, you do not have the right permissions. Contact your club's main admin to request permission should you require it.

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