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There are currently a few places that you can test your survey and this article will walk you through all of them.

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Places to test your email and preview your survey

Email invitation editor (email + survey)

At the bottom of the email invitation editor page, you have the option to send a test email to preview your invitation email.

To send a test email scroll down, enter the email address that you wish to send it to and click "Send". You will then receive the test email in your inbox, enabling you to
get the same experience as your survey recipients.

The email will contain dummy data for the name and date.

The link in the test email is what we call a preview link and you will be able to answer the survey without us collecting any of the data.

At the end of your data collection process (email + survey)

When creating a manual data collection, you can test both the email and survey on the last step of the process, called the summary page. This is done by entering your email into the test field and sending one to you.

Please note that this will use dummy data, such as John Doe and a random date in the email text.

Shareable link page (preview survey)

You can preview the survey by clicking "Preview survey" on the shareable link page, this will open a preview version of your questionnaire with a large orange banner at the top. You can feel completely safe answering the questionnaire as it will not save any answers.

Questionnaire editor (preview survey)

On your questionnaire editor page there is a summary of your survey in the top section of the page. Here you can get an overview of the number of questions as well as the estimated length of the survey. Furthermore, you can preview your survey by clicking "Preview survey". You can feel completely safe answering the questionnaire as it will not save any answers.

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