Pre-survey communication

You can use pre-survey communication to increase engagement and response rates.

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We see increased response rates at the clubs that communicate the proposed launch of the survey to their members via a natural club communication channel a few days prior to launch. This can be via direct email, social media or within a club newsletter, to help generate awareness and engagement with the survey and to increase response rates when launched.

You can achieve high response rates without doing pre-survey communication and it is completely optional if you as a club decide to do so. Feel free to use the below as inspiration.

Subject Line suggestions:

  • Your feedback matters

  • (Club name) members survey launch

  • Tell us what you think

  • Make yourself heard

  • Share your experience with us

Text suggestion

Dear valued member/first name,

The Management Committee here at xxxxinsertgolfclubnamexxx is working hard to keep moving our club forward and improve the overall experience for our members.

Our members and visitors are at the heart of everything we do, so a thriving, satisfied membership is absolutely key to our club’s success. We’d like to take this opportunity to say we really value your loyalty and thank you for choosing xxxxinsertgolfclubnamexxx.

As our key stakeholders, in order to help us improve your experience, it is vitally important that the Management Committee fully understand our member’s satisfaction levels in all areas of the club. Please be assured, we as a Management Committee, are very keen to listen to you.

With this in mind, we invite you to complete our annual member survey, which will cover all aspects of our club. This survey will be conducted by using the Players 1st software. Players 1st specialise in the customer experience within golf clubs and their software allows the club’s survey results to be collated and analysed thoroughly and professionally.

The survey will be launched on xxxxxinsertsurveylaunchdatexxx and you will receive an e-mail directly from Players 1st that contains a link to the survey as well as instructions on how to complete it - please keep a look out for this in your inbox (and junk email folder). Completing the survey will be straightforward and should take you approximately xxxxxinsertsurveydurationxxx minutes. You will have 14 days to respond to the survey before it closes.

We want to encourage frankness and honesty in your responses please and so your answers and comments in the survey will be anonymous, unless you choose to include your contact details. Your collective feedback will be actioned upon by the Board/Management Committee in order to provide enhanced service levels and an overall experience that exceeds your expectations.

In order to be fully transparent, once the survey has closed, the results will be analysed and the findings will be shared back to the membership. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete it and we look forward to hearing your views.

Yours faithfully,


Chair / President / Pro / General Manager / Secretary

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