Players 1st Security and Integrity:

Any customer (member or guest) data that is uploaded by a Club as part of a Data Collection in a Players 1st login, is done so in a secure platform hosted by Players 1st (secured with Microsoft’s Cloud security and IP address validation).

We are working hard to ensure that our domain reputation is protected, which is why each Players 1st survey invite email that is sent to your customer through the Data Collection launch feature via the platform contains an ‘Unsubscribe’ link. This will automatically stop any further emails being sent to the specific email address via your Club specific Players 1st account.

Our data handling and processing is GDPR compliant, and a copy of the agreement can be found here:

GDPR Notes:

Please be aware, this is general and advisory information on GDPR and should not be considered as legal advice.

For details of your own clubs' situations, we would advise that you seek specific advice from your legal team to confirm advice on the permissions you may or may not have from your members to engage with them through third party suppliers e.g. Players 1st.

It is generally understood that permission to engage with your member through third party providers, but specifically a service provider like Players 1st, has been granted by members when they register as a member at the club. The service that Players 1st provide the club is considered a service for Clubs to track and enhance your service levels for your customers, and therefore there is a reasonable justification from a business perspective.

How long can you keep hold of personal data for a former client GDPR?

The GDPR does not set specific limits on data retention. It requires, that the period for which personal data is stored is no longer than necessary for the task performed. This requirement is essentially the same as the requirement under Principle 5 of the DPA: “The fifth data protection principle is that personal data must be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it is processed.”

The optimal solution would be for the club to check your members terms and conditions statement, and re-word these if necessary to ensure the Club can engage with members through the use of third-party providers in future.

Another option would be to circulate an opt-in email to your Clubs current members to specifically address permission for this type of third-party survey engagement.

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