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Getting started with Players 1st
How does Players 1st work and who made it?
How does Players 1st work and who made it?
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What is Players 1st?

Players 1st is a player experience platform designed to help your club retain and recruit players and increase the club’s revenue by focusing on customer experience and loyalty.

We primarily collect data through our uniquely designed sports-exclusive surveys and display it across various dashboard formats.

Our surveys are developed in collaboration with unions and enterprises within your specific sports genre and country. Each survey incorporates a set of locked questions, ensuring high-quality data and standardized questionnaire format. These locked questions allow you to benchmark against other clubs within your country or enterprise. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize numerous questions and include entirely bespoke queries to tailor the survey precisely to your club's requirements.

As a club, you can either distribute surveys manually or use our integrations for automated distribution. You can also use a shareable link, which allows anyone with access to the link to participate in the survey.

As questionnaires are completed, the data is transformed in real-time on our dashboard. We generate scores for each service area and all related questions. These scores are used to create a priority map, highlighting the most impactful improvements you can make in your club.

Who is behind players 1st?

Players 1st was created by golfers for golfers, and with our combined passion for golf and expertise in customer experience management, we make the ideal partner. We understand the challenges facing your club - from meeting the needs of employees and volunteers, to dealing with rapidly changing patterns in player behavior. We want to work together with the industry to help improve the game of golf at all levels.

We’re a global community where not only players, but clubs and federations share input and ideas with one another and we’re growing fast. Our vision is a world consumed by a love of this amazing game.

Players 1st was originally created in collaboration with the Danish Golf Union.

Want to know more?

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