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What is Players 1st Business Intelligence?
What is Players 1st Business Intelligence?

An introduction to the business Intelligence solution

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Players 1st Business intelligence is an analytic tool made to help golf clubs analyze their member and booking data. It is developed in cooperation with the Danish Golf Union, The Swedish Golf Union, The Finnish Golf Union and the Norwegian Golf union.

What can you do with Players 1st Business Intelligence?

The business intelligence solution offers two dashboards, one for member data and one for bookings data.

Member data (link)

  • See your total number of members, new member's and churned members

  • See growth rates, new member rates, and churn rates

  • See how your members splits into different demographics visually and split results based on filters (membership type, genders, age, and handicap index)

Booking data (link)

  • See KPI's for rounds played, utilization rates, tee time booking rates, players per booked tee time, and players per tee time

  • See all the KPI's in a heatmap split across the different weekdays and hours of the day.

  • See all the KPI's split based on selected filters (course, booking type, gender, age, handicap)

Who can use Players 1st Business Intelligence

The Players 1st Business Intelligence solution is supported by the national golf unions/federations and therefore provided for free to all golf clubs affiliated to:

  • Danish Golf Union (DGU)

  • Swedish Golf Federation (SGF)

  • Finnish Golf Union (FGU)

  • Norwegian Golf Federation (NGF)

How is data provided?

All member data is provided via integrations to the national member databases. Booking data is provided via integrations to the different booking providers in each country.

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