Churned members
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Churned members is one of the main KPI's for member data.

How is it calculated?

Churned members are calculated based on members that have been labeled with a "Resignation date" and a "Membership valid to" (GIT) or "Former Member Date" (Golfbox) date during the selected time period.

The formula for churned members is simple:

Any member with a "Resignation date" + "Membership valid to" or "Former member date" date set in the given period = 1 churned member

Why are my churned members not showing up?

  • If you have deleted a member completely instead of adding a "Resignation date" + "Membership valid to" information (GIT) or changed status into "Former Member Date" (Golfbox)

  • If you have changed according to the above description but afterward deleted the member. In that case, we will not receive the data.

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