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The BI member dashboard focuses on three main KPI's, number of members, new members and churned members.

How do I access the BI member dashboard?

  1. Click on the menu in the top-right corner

  2. Find the section called Business intelligence (BI)

  3. Select "Member"

  4. You will now be at the summary page for the BI member dashboard.

The Summary Page

The summary page sums up the different KPI's.

There is three basic dashboard selectors located above the tiles.

  • Clicking on "Members" will allow you to change between different sections in the dashboard. In this case select between the booking and the member dashboard

  • "Same period last year" allows you to change which benchmark are used

  • "This year" allows you to change the date range for the data shown in the dashboard

Each of the 3 KPI tiles is a shortcut to go to the detailed dashboard for each area/KPI. Click on any of them and you will get to the dashboard for the selected area.

The Dashboard

The three basic selectors are still located at the top of the dashboard, allowing you to change these parameters at any time.

Below the basic selectors the three KPI's are presented

  • Number of members including Member growth rate

  • New members including New member growth rate

  • Churned members including Churn rate

The numbers are updated when parameters are changed. Clicking one of the KPI's will put it into focus and change the data in the dashboard to reflect the KPI in focus.

Development chart

The development chart shows a development line chart for the KPI you have selected. You can read more about how the numbers are calculated by clicking the KPI you want to learn more about (Number of members, new members and churned members)


By clicking the demographics icon in the bottom left corner, you will be able to visually see how your members divides into different demographics. The categories are membership type, gender, age and handicap index. Clicking on any of the filters to the right will narrow down all of these categories.


The filter section to the right allow you to narrow down the results you're looking at. Let's say you're only interested in looking at members with the age between 51-60. Simply clicking on the filter button "51-60" below "Age" and the dashboard will only show statistics (KPI's, the development chart, and the demographics view) for members aged 51-60. It is possible to click as many filters as you want and thereby narrowing the statistics even further.

Read more about how we calculate the different KPI's

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