Our list view allows you to look at different collections of data from your surveys and export them as well.

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Navigating to the list overview and selecting a list

1. Start by clicking the menu icon in your top-right corner and then select the survey you want to look at in the Results Dashboard section.

2. When you've landed on the results page, click the list icon in the top-right corner.

3. You're now on the list view. Select the lists you want to view

4. At the top of the view, you can change what survey you're looking at or the date range. You can also change what list you're looking at with the selector located on the top-left of the table.

What lists are available for me?

The survey template that your club uses and your club's questionnaire setup determinates what lists are available for you.

These are the current lists available.

  • Comments (all of the comments from your survey)

  • Sponsors (a list of potential sponsors)

  • Volunteers (a list of potential volunteers)

The sponsor and volunteers lists are only available on surveys where the questions below are available:

  • Would you like to help the golf club with volunteer work; e.g. two days within the next year, with a specific and defined task?

  • Would you or your company be interested in a sponsorship agreement with our club?

Exporting lists

By clicking the "Export to Excel" button in the top-right corner of the table, you will start downloading an excel document.

Please note that the following parameters affect the export

  • List (the list you have selected on the top-left corner of the table)

  • Survey (The survey you have selected)

  • Time period (we will only export results in the selected time period.

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