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How to interpret your results
How to interpret your results

Learn how the different views can be used to interpret your results

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Understanding your results is one of the key points to successfully using the Players 1st platform. This article will be a great starting point to help you understand your results.

In Europe we've been able to establish key partnerships with European golf federations, making us the leading brand for measuring player experience in the market. These unions play a key role in helping their clubs understand their results and will happily assist you.

Fear not if you're not a part of them, we will help you get started.

See contact information for European golf federations below:


England Golf
Matt Draper

Nederland / Netherlands
Nederlandse Golf Federatie
Thomas Labberton
T: +31645031032

Suomi / Finland
Suomen Golfliitto
Aarni Nordqvist
T: +358 40 539 5903

Norge / Norway
Norges Golfforbund
Line Berg
T: +47 970 17 577

Deutschland / Germany
Deutscher Golf Verband
Markus Lawatsch
T: +49 611 99 020 109

Danmark / Denmark
Dansk Golf Union
Kim Uldahl
T: +45 21 36 06 98

Sverige / Sweden
Svenska Golfförbundet
Per Lindroth
T: +46 70 898 23 73

Accessing your Results Dashboard

  1. From your home page, click on the 'Menu' icon located in the top right corner.

  2. Choose 'Name of the Survey' from the Survey Dashboards section.

  3. You are now on one of our dashboards.

Introduction to our dashboard

We've created a full article detailing the different sections of our results dashboard. It serves as a great starting point to familiarize yourself with the functionality of all the features and buttons

You can read it here:

How do we calculate priority, scores and what are good scores?

Before you start analyzing your results, it's a great idea to get a basic understanding of how we calculate our scores and prioritize them. You can also read our articles to help you interpret the quality of your scores. Below are a few of our articles explaining the different scores and what they mean.

Net Promoter Score

Evaluation categories

Service area and touchpoint scores

Interpret your results

What should I prioritize? (priority map)

The Priority Map visualises the correlation between the specific Evaluation Point score (Service Area/Touchpoint) and the overall satisfaction (NPS) of the response base.

Its purpose is highlight which Evaluation points could have the greatest potential to increase the overall NPS, if the specific Evaluation Point score was improved.

Impact levels have been categorised as High, Medium and Low. Attention should be given to the Evaluation Points with a High impact classification, with a specific focus on those with the lowest average scores.

To make the interpretation of the analysis easier to identify the focus areas, one of four main Priority Categories have been applied to each Evaluation Point.

The Priority Map view provides the user with instant insight into the Service Areas (or Touchpoints) that are either Overperforming, In Balance, Underperforming or Needs Immediate attention.

To understand Service Area scores in further detail, the user can select the Service Area under the ‘Evaluation points’ section, to identify which specific Touchpoints the members are least satisfied with and which will have the biggest positive influence on overall satisfaction (NPS) if improved.

The analysis is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and is specific to the response data from each club.

How do I rank compared to other clubs (Ranking graph)

The Ranking view provides the club with a tangible overview of how they rank within the selected benchmark of clubs. Often a useful reference for clubs who are new to using Players 1st customer experience insights. Changing your filters or selecting another service area or touchpoint will update your ranking graph.

How is my club developing? (development graph)

The Development view provides the user with a change-over-time view of their scores, alongside the changes in the National or Customised benchmarks.

Particularly useful when the club is undertaking developments or club/course maintenance to be able to recognize where there might be fluctuations.


The comments view is particularly useful for guest surveys where you receive daily feedback from your guests and thus enabling you to quickly turn detractors into promoters of your club.

You can read more about comments here:


In some cases, you may want to handle the data from your surveys in a different way or export it. Located in the top-right corner of your results dashboard is the icon for our list view. Clicking on it will redirect you to our list view where you can view and export all of the comments from the survey. In some cases, if the questions were turned on in your survey template, you will also be able to view and export a list of potential sponsors and volunteers.

You can read more about our lists here:

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