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Evaluation Categories - What are they?
Evaluation Categories - What are they?
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We evaluate each and every one of your touchpoints and service areas to give you an insight into what you should be focusing your energy on.

All the Players 1st surveys are designed in accordance with the Net Promoter Score. NPS is a strong performance indicator that enables clubs to evaluate touchpoints and service areas and to figure out where the player journey may be coming up short.

By combining the overall satisfaction score with the scores of each touchpoint or service area we can correlate the answers and explain exactly what to work on to improve the experience for the given player or player segment.

Connection between service areas and NPS.png

We use the categories to show you what has a perfect mix between a high priority and low score for your respondents and therefor what would benefit you the most in improving.

These are the categories we use. Ranked from highest priority to lowest

  • Needs immediate attention (improving this will benefit you the most)

  • Underperforming

  • In balance (A healthy mix of score vs. priority for your respondents)

  • Overperforming (You could cut focus down on this area and shift it to another)

  • Without priority (Not enough answers)

The lowest scored evaluation point isn't always the one you should focus all of your energy on if it means close to nothing on how the respondents view the overall experience at your club.

You should however always focus on the ones in the "Needs immediate attention" section since these have a mix of high priority and low score.

Our evaluation categories are calculated based on your data and not benchmark data.

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