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What is a good service area and touchpoint score?
What is a good service area and touchpoint score?
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When looking at your service area and touchpoint scores the most important thing to bear in mind is that a good or bad score doesn't always indicate how important it is for your club to improve on that specific area/question.

Scores are calculated based upon the rating your respondents have given, however, a score does not indicate how important that service area or touchpoint is for your members. We calculate importance as a combination of the score and how important the questions are compared to the other questions your respondents are asked.

We use the calculated importance to rank service areas and questions in our evaluation section on your dashboard, this means that the lowest-scoring service area or questions might not be the highest priority for you to improve.

It is hard to give a rule of thumb on when a score is high or low, but these are some guideline values.



85 +

This is a good result and your main priority should be to keep up the good work.


Higher importance questions/areas should be improved and lower importance should not.

Under 75

Scores close to 75 should be improved if they have high importance. Scores way below 75 should generally be improved.

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