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How are the service area and touchpoint scores calculated?
How are the service area and touchpoint scores calculated?

Learn how we calculate the service area, touchpoint and filter scores

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On our dashboards, you will encounter scores in both our evaluation area, filters and many more places. To help you get an understanding of how these scores are calculated we've created this small article.

We have made a separate article about the Net Promoter Score

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How does the evaluation system work?

The respondents are asked to answer questions on a scale from 1-10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest evaluation. For instance, if a player answers 9 to the question "There is a good social environment at the club", then he/she is very satisfied with the social environment at the club.

The answers are then converted to a 100-point scale. If a player has answered 1 to a question, the answer is converted to the score of 0. If the answer is 2, the score is converted to 11 the answer 3 is converted to 22 and so on.

By converting the numbers to a 100-point scale, a scale is created which is more intuitively understandable and easier to work with in practice.

A big advantage to this is that you avoid working with decimal numbers. It can be difficult to make sense of a 0.2 change, while it is intuitively understandable when the change is two index points.

Service area score calculation

A service area score is an average score of all its touchpoints' scores.

If the touchpoints in a service area are evaluated 61, 74, and 82 respectively, you add the numbers, divide them by 3, thus getting the average score of 77.

Touchpoint score calculation

The touchpoint evaluation is an average score based on all the answers to the question concerning that particular touchpoint.

If the same touchpoint has been evaluated 56, 50, 65, 68 you add the numbers, divide them by 4, thus getting the average score of 60 (rounded up)

Filter score calculation

The filter scores mimic the calculation method used by the NPS, service area or touchpoint you have selected in the evaluation section.

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