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As part of our result dashboards, we have our comments view.

The comments view is particularly useful for guest surveys where you receive daily feedback from your guests and thus enabling you to quickly turn detractors into promoters of your club.

You can read our article about our list views - including our comments list. The comments list contains all comments from your survey and allows you to export it

Navigating to comments

  1. Start by clicking the menu icon in your top-right corner and then select the survey you want to look at in the Results Dashboard section.

  2. When you've landed on the results page, click the comments icon in the top-right corner.

Comments view

The main purpose of comments is to give you as a club a way to improve on a day-to-day basis by gathering up the Net Promoter Score, and the two most important open-ended questions in the questionnaire into what we call a comment card.

The comments view consists of:

  • Comments feed contains all of the respondents)

  • Comment cards shows the content of the respondent selected from the comments feed)

  • Filter options allow you to sort on the NPS groups and if respondents have chosen to be anonymous or not.

The comment view also contains call-to-action options at the bottom of the comment card, allowing you to call, email, or forward the message in an email.

As you select messages in the comments feed, they will be set as read, please note that this Is a personal "read" feature and will not affect your colleagues.

Setting up your email client to use the reply and forward button

If clicking the reply or forward button opens up your wrong email client, you can follow this external guide on how to set up your default email program and the browser's preferred mail solution. The browser settings determine what happens when you click on a mail to link.

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