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Getting started with the Guest survey
Getting started with the Guest survey

A guide on how to get started with our guest survey

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The guest survey allows you to collect continuous information on how your visitors are experiencing your golf club and course throughout your whole season. In some cases, you will be able to automatically send out surveys through one of our integrations for a seamless collection experience.

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1. Activate a product containing a guest survey

The easiest way to activate a product containing a guest survey will be to visit your subscription overview. Here are the steps to navigate to your subscription overview:

  1. Open the menu in the top-right corner

  2. Click on "Account & Subscriptions"

  3. Scroll down on the page and click on the "Subscriptions" button.

  4. You've now arrived at the product overview.

Locate the product that contains a guest survey on the product overview page and follow the purchasing flow to activate it. As soon as you have purchased the product, the guest survey dashboard and settings for the survey will be available to you.

2. Customize your questionnaire

When buying the guest survey you purchase a pre-defined survey template that will make it possible for you to quickly send out a survey asking all the right questions, but more importantly, the pre-defined template will allow you to benchmark against a national benchmark. There are however options to customize questions and adding your own custom ones.

For you to start customizing your questionnaire, you will have to be on our questionnaire editor page. Here are the steps to navigate to your questionnaire editor :

  1. Open the menu in the top-right corner

  2. Click on "Surveys"

  3. Click "Manage" on the guest survey

  4. Scroll down and click on "Edit Questionnaire"

  5. You are now on the questionnaire editor view

How to make changes to the questionnaire is a rather large topic and instead of duplicating our existing content, we recommend that you visit our article "How do I make changes to my questionnaire?" to learn exactly what can be changed in your questionnaire.

3. Customize your invitation letter

When asking a respondent to answer a survey you will in most cases be sending out an email from our platform asking them to answer the survey (this is not the case when using a shareable link). You can customize the majority of the content of that email, but some will remain locked to ensure that we comply with data processing laws in different countries.

You can read the guide on how to make changes to your email invitation here:

4. Collect data (integrations, manual collection, or with a shareable link)

Automated integration set up

For some of our customers, we can provide the service of automatically sending out surveys through integrations with tee sheet providers and national members databases.

Current Tee sheet integrations:

  • Golfbox

  • SGF-GIT (The Swedish Golf unions booking provider)

  • NexGolf

  • EzLinks

  • ChronoGolf

  • E-Golf4U

  • IBS

  • IntoGolf

  • ClubInOne

  • iGolf

  • Tee-On

  • CPS

  • ForeUp

  • PC Caddie

  • Quick18

Our current customer-facing UI is currently limited for the majority of our integrations, but they will in the future include more settings such as requesting an integration set up and pausing one.

If you're using Golfbox, SGF-GIT, or NexGolf you will be able to toggle on the activate months you want us to send out invitations to your golfers. You can find our guide on how to manage which months we should send out invitations for here:

Setting up a new integration


If it is the first time using an integration through our system or if you're changing to another provider, please contact Jacob Buksted, as he will be able to assist you.

USA & Canada

You can contact our General Manager Peter Smith about changes to your current integration or if you're looking to get an integration setup for your club.

Manually sending out invitations

Our manual data collection method allows you to send out invitations to a list of recipients that you upload to our platform. A data collection contains a start date, end date, and reminder dates.

As it is a rather long process, we recommend that you read our guide on how to send out a manual data collection here:

Using a shareable link

This option allows you to distribute your survey and collect responses via a generic survey URL. When the link is opened in a browser, the browser creates a unique link for the respondent, allowing them to answer the survey. The link can be attached to existing email templates from your integration provider or member system.

You can find our guide on how to collect responses with a shareable link here:

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