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A full walk-through of the Players 1st platform

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This is our basic introduction to the Players 1st platform, if you encounter any questions during this article feel free to reach out to us by using the chat icon in the bottom right corner. We highly appreciate feedback as it helps us improve our articles, onboarding and support in general.

This article takes you through each of the steps below in order to get started using Players 1st. Many of the steps include links to specific articles that go into depth on how to use the different features.

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Basic information & support


The login page for the Players 1st platform is

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by going to the login page and click on the "Have you forgotten your password" text link underneath the login button.

Interactive guides

As you log into Players 1st for the first time, you will be presented with our welcome page. This page contains interactive guides for some of our most used features. These are mostly used as a supplement to our helpdesk articles.

If you encounter a guide that is not working, please let us know.

Support from union/enterprise

We've been able to establish key partnerships with European golf federations, making us the leading brand for measuring player experience in the market.

If you’re a European golf club interested in using Players 1st, you need to contact your local federation. We already have individual agreements set up in each country, so get in touch to get started.


England Golf
Matt Draper

Nederland / Netherlands
Nederlandse Golf Federatie
Floris van Imhoff
T: +31 030 242 63 70

Suomi / Finland
Suomen Golfliitto
Aarni Nordqvist
T: +358 40 539 5903

Norge / Norway
Norges Golfforbund
Kate Hege Nielsen
T: +47 9186 6197

Deutschland / Germany
Deutscher Golf Verband
Markus Lawatsch
T: +49 611 99 020 109

Danmark / Denmark
Dansk Golf Union
Kim Uldahl
T: +45 21 36 06 98

Sverige / Sweden
Svenska Golfförbundet
Per Lindroth
T: +46 70 898 23 73

Scottish Golf
Graham Barr
T: +44 7341518755


You can contact our support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner. We do our best to answer any questions as quickly as possible but please have patience as time zones or holidays might influence our response times.

1. Accepting your invite and creating your personal user

As a user on the Players 1st platform, you will most likely have been invited to a club by someone else and will therefore have to create your own personal account.

In your mailbox, you will receive an email that contains a sign-up link that allows you to create your personal account

After filling out the forms on the creation page you will be logged into our platform and your personal account has now been created. To log back into your account in future, use the main Players 1st login page

Please note that the link in the invitation email is only for creating an account and will be invalid after you've created an account or if 30-days have passed since you've been invited. If the invitation email has expired, please email to request a new invitation email.

2. Setting up your club account and inviting admin users to your club

Basic club information

Filling out your basic club account information is the first step of getting started on our platform. The information is really important to ensure you have the best experience through your account.

The most important ones are:

  • Account name (used for automated merge fields various features)

  • Country (to support localization)

  • Time zone (used for sending out surveys in your local time zone)

You can read the article on how to locate and change these settings here:

Inviting additional users to your club account

Adding your colleagues to our platform allows each and every one of you to have your own personal account. Adding new team members does not increase the cost of using Players 1st.

You can read the article on how to invite team members to your club here:

You can read the article about managing and changing team roles here:

3. Activating and/or purchasing a subscription to gain access to the different surveys

Subscribing to a product will unlock the features and surveys associated with the product, thus instantly allowing you to quickly get started.

Our current product portfolio mainly includes different survey templates and dashboards developed in cooperation with your union or enterprise. Prices for these products vary due to some enterprises or unions who have paid for or subsidized costs for the individual clubs.

As a club, you can see all of the available products for you by navigating to our subscription and product overview.

After a product has been activated you will gain instant access to the features associated with it.

4. Customizing the survey

After unlocking access to one of our products, you will now be able to edit the settings for it. For survey-related products, this mainly involves tweaking the questionnaire template settings to fit your needs.

Editing your questionnaire

Editing your questionnaire is the most time-consuming task of getting set up on the Players 1st platform. After navigating to your questionnaire editor you are presented with all the questions in the questionnaire.

You will encounter different types of questions in the editor:

  • Locked (these are seen as mandatory to ensure a high-quality survey)

  • Editable (these questions have a parameter you can customize)

  • Toggled on/off (these questions can be removed or added to the survey depending on your clubs needs)

  • Custom questions (these questions are custom you as a club can add yourself)

Any changes to the questionnaire are instantly saved and pushed up to any future respondents. You can experience the questionnaire yourself by clicking on the preview questionnaire text on the top of the editor page. Filling out the survey this way will not result in a saved response and therefore it won't affect your real results.

You can read the guide on how to make changes to your questionnaire here:

5. Customizing your email invitation letter

Editing your invitation letter

When asking a respondent to answer a survey you will in most cases be sending out an email from our platform asking them to answer the survey. You can customize the majority of the content of that email, but some will remain locked to ensure that we comply with data processing laws in different countries. The feature below the email editor, you can also send yourself a test email to see how the email looks in your email client.

You can read the guide on how to make changes to your email invitation here:

6. Send out your first survey

Collecting responses for the first time is a big milestone and can In some ways be scary. We've made an article explaining the steps to take before sending out a survey and what collection method to choose from. The above video only shows how to create a data collection and not the other collection methods.

Read our article about collecting your first responses.

7. Analyzing your results in our dashboards (survey related)

As responses from your survey start to tick in, your dashboards will update in real-time. Analyzing and understand how to get the most out of your dashboard is a wider topic and therefore we've created help desk sections just for it.

You can find our guide to the results dashboard here:

You can find our guide on how to interpret your results here:

8. Analyzing your booking utilization and member growth in our business intelligence dashboards

Our business intelligence dashboards are currently available for golf clubs in DK, SE, NO, and FI. These dashboards allow you to analyze your member data and bookings data. We've made a BI-only section of our help desk that goes into depth on all of our BI solutions.

You can find our guides on how our BI dashboards and settings work here:

9. Exporting your results reports and lists

As a way to accommodate the clubs' needs to be able to present data in reports or board member meetings, we've made it easy for you to export various data to excel. The above video shows you how to export comments, volunteers and sponsors, it does not include how to export your results.

Different exports

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